Whitsun Festival – Courage, Sense & Tenderness

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June 2 – 7, 2017


… A community experience for adults, children and teenagers …


What would a culture be like where we truly see...

...each other, ourselves, our counterparts, the world ?

What opportunities for the future open up if we can accept the present without judgment?

Can we empower ourselves to love?!



Unfortunately there will be no official interpreting into English at this Whitsun Festival. If you do not speak German, you are welcome to attend the larger events and participate in a group if you organise an interpreter yourself.


Courage, Sense & Tenderness


Our culture has continued to develop the rational mind, but this one-sidedness has also led to a separation: we have become separated from ourselves, our fellow humans and nature. A more conscious culture would integrate many levels – What do our feelings say about this? What impulses come from our physical body? And how does our mind perceive a situation in a way free of concepts? If we can connect to everything that is within us and between us, perhaps we can create a culture where we live life in its full depth and abundance, experience relationships among equals, and care for the Earth as the source of our life. 

Many tools have been developed to help us progress along the path to this culture of conscious. One of these is the ZEGG Forum. Here we can explore together what the moment holds – shame and love, anxiety and hope, body and spirit... We follow an inner movement and let new perspectives arise. Accepting the NOW without judgment opens up opportunities for the future. In this way, each of us can find out the next steps their growth involves. Contact arises. And vitality.

How does it feel to be fully connected to myself? And how do I take this connection into my authentic contact with others? How do I integrate the anarchic power of freedom with the longing for lasting connection? And how do I take all of this and create a meaningful life?


Looking life right in the eye!


Barbara Stützel, Eva Weigand & the ZEGG community, plus:

This Whitsun Festival is being created in cooperation with Dolores Richter, François Michael Wiesmann, Sucha Gesina Wolters & Vivian Dittmar (author of the books “The Art of Relating” only available in German & “The Power of Feelings”) – who are co-creating a significant part of the morning program.

Furthermore, there are many other valuable contributors, from last year’s Freiburg FeelingsGroupand from other initiatives. More information can be best found on the page about the various groups. Following on from the Festival “Art of Realting”, this is the IIIrd part of the networking experiment.


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